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For the love of lifelong learning

We're on a mission to help great educators deliver impactful and meaningful learning experiences.


We learn better together.

We don't want to imagine a future where we learn only from computers and not from one another. Where learning stops after school or university, or where education is seen as a chore and not the gift that it is.

We believe that the most powerful learning happens in the sharing of ideas between people, whether that is in a classroom, at a workshop or using technology to connect remotely. We also strongly believe in the power of continual lifelong learning as the key to a happy and fulfilling life.

Based on these beliefs, we founded SkillSocial with the mission to leverage the best part of technology-enabled learning and combine that with the simple premise that we learn better together.

Founder, SkillSocial

Our story.

Skills of the
Modern Age.

In 2018, we founded Skills of the Modern Age, an Australian innovation and design academy with a mission to help people get excited for the future work.

Just over a year on and we have worked with over 3,000 learners and some of Australia's leading brands. However, through this work we came up against the challenge of finding a fit-for-purpose tool that would help automate the admin of delivering our blended learning programs.

And so, SkillSocial was born.

Following a co-design process with our existing customers and learners, we developed the platform to solve a problem that we felt deeply. We believe SkillSocial works because it has been developed by facilitators and educators who know the pain and joy of facilitation and is rooted in a strong appreciation and value for meaningful learning experiences.

You can learn more about Skills of the Modern Age and our approach to future skills education at our website below.

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