A learning platform that's pretty... powerful.

  • All the tools right of the box to automate your learning admin.
  • Built-in smarts like attendee engagement tracking and SkillSocial chat to help maximise your cohorts' learning experience.
  • Beautifully designed for all devices, no app required.


Blended learning made beautiful.

We automate all the facilitation admin so you can focus on what you do best.

Learning library

Store all of your facilitator and learning resources in your learning library. Invite other facilitators to share resources and scale your programs through easy train-the-trainer management.

Clever cohorts

Combine modules into meaningful cohort-based learning experiences. Invite attendees, mentors and multiple facilitators to join one combined learning journey.

Manage messages

Centralise communication between learners, organisers and mentors through SkillSocial chat. Automatically highlight important messages and send reminders through email.

Auto assignments

Embrace project-based learning through simple task and assignment management for learners.

Easy engagement

Measure how engaged attendees are through our powerful attendee action tracking algorithms. Automatically identify those attendees who need help the most.

Simple schedules

Simplify your schedules and combine in-person workshops, video conferences, events and self-paced content in one simple, transparent run sheet.

Tidy toolkits

Create cohort-specific toolkits of videos, canvasses, readings and reference materials. Save time by reusing tools and resources across cohorts and modules.

Magically mobile

Beautifully mobile-friendly right out of the box, with no download or app required and a consistent look and feel across all modern devices.

Clever content

Create and manage self-paced content by combining rich text, images, inline-resources and videos in a simple to access view.

Safe and

Fully SSL encrypted, with all information securely stored on SkillSocial servers. Remove your or your learners' data at any time.


Keep your brand consistent by controlling the look and feel of your attendee dashboards, including adding in brand logos and custom images.


Now open for closed beta.

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