We learn better together.

We make it easy for facilitators to deliver impactful blended learning experiences.

Trusted by leading educators.

SkillSocial is a learning platform designed for facilitators and program managers who deliver blended, cohort-based learning experiences.

From startup accelerators to leadership developement programs, we make it easy to share content, encourage peer-based learning and track your attendees' progress.


For facilitators

From centralised content, to easy attendee management, SkillSocial automates the admin and helps you focus on delivering great experiences for your learners.


For learners

Learners have a simple dashboard that allows them to access content, undertake self-paced learning, submit tasks and communicate with their peers and facilitators.


For program managers

We make it easy to scale your programs and upskill facilitators by providing easy module management and facilitator resource sharing.



Cohort-based learning

We make it simple to combine the best parts of online learning with learning from others..

  • Manage the schedule of learning modules, self-paced content and events for your cohort.
  • Add mentors and facilitators to support the participants learning experience.
  • Create and manage multiple cohorts with an unlimited number of members.


Learner support made easy

Reduce the time you spend on program admin, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

  • Add assignments and manage attendee submissions.
  • Automatically distribute resources and references after a facilitation experience.
  • Centralise participant communication and announcements through SkillSocial chat.


Your online library of facilitation resources.

Store all of your facilitation guides, learner resources and content decks in one simple to access, centralised library.

  • Create and manage your library of learning modules, tools, resources and reference materials.
  • Share content decks and learning resources with learners and facilitators.
  • Save time by reusing modules and tools across different cohorts and programs.

Now open for closed beta.

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